As of today Scense Live Profiles 1.1 will be available for download. Scense Live Profiles 1.1 is shipped as part of the Scense 7.6 CD (build 1234) and is available for download on the Scense website. Scense Live Profiles 1.1 includes a number of new features requested by our partners and customers as well as some performance improvements and bug-fixes.

New in Scense Live Profiles 1.1

  • Learning mode and production mode – Scense’s profile management solution is self-learning. To increase the administrator’s control of Scense Live Profiles, the learning mechanism can now be stopped for an application. If the administrator decides that the created filter-set is finished and optimal, the learning mode of the application can be changed to production mode.
  • Reverse application settings – New functionality is added to help administrators to revert application settings per user. This functionality is a temporary solution because the next release of Scense Live Profiles will provide the end user with the ability to revert application settings by himself.
  • Export and import application filter sets – Functionality was added to export and import application filter-sets created by Scense’s self-learning agent. Scense consultants and customers will be able to re-use these templates in distributed and/or multi-tenant Scense environments.

Microsoft UE-V format

By supporting the template format of Microsoft’s UE-V, templates created for UE-V can be imported as filters for Live profiles and filter-sets created by Scense in Windows XP or Windows 7 environments, are also useful in Windows 7 UE-V. IT departments that need to migrate from Windows XP desktops to Windows 7 desktops and consultants that need to support both Scense Live Profile and Microsoft UE-V environments can use the reusable Scense filter-sets to support both environments and simplify a Windows 7 or Windows 8 Microsoft UE-V implementation.

Enhancements and improvements

Scense Live Profiles 1.1 includes changes in the architecture resulting in major improvements in performance and stability:

  • Consolidation folders and registry keys – Folders and registry keys found by the Scense Live Profiles agent are consolidated to decrease the amount of entries to capture, package and store. This results in a major improvement of the loading and storing of application settings in comparison with the previous version.
  • Improvements delete handling – The deleting of parts of the user profile could not be controlled by the administrator, possibly resulting in inconsistencies. Now the administrator has now the option to enforce the deletion of parts of the user profile before the settings from the Profile Store are restored.
  • Other improvements – To further increase the performance of Scense Live Profiles, improvements have been implemented related to the log-off process, the management of child processes and the server processes.

The functionality to reverse application settings and export or import application filter-sets are not available on the Scense CD but will be available for download on the Scense blog soon.