As of today Scense 7.6 (build 1234) will be available for download. Scense 7.6 includes our approach to user profile management: Scense Live Profiles. Next to Live Profiles, Scense 7.6 includes product enhancements and improvements and a number of fixes. The release notes and known issues can be found below:

New in Scense 7.6

  • Scense Live Profiles. Scense 7.6 includes the new Live profiles feature. Live Profiles enables real-time cross platform synchronization of user settings.
  • Several New Variables. We added several new variables to be used for runtime flow control. These variables e.g. allow creating a custom progress indicator for comprehensive installations.
  • Package Drag & Drop. Now you can drag and drop application packages onto Scense Explorer to start the application enrollment using Scense Easy Delivery.
  • Registry Mode. In order to manipulate or test the right registry keys on a 64-bit system you can now directly specify the registry mode for Registry Actions and Registry conditions.
  • Check System Health. The new Scriptable Object for checking health with the Windows Security Center allows you to check the state of a variety of security settings like UAC, Firewall, Visusscanner etc.

Enhancements and improvements

  • Search improvement. In Scense Explorer you can now start searching after pressing the Enter-key instead of clicking the search button which works more intuitively.
  • Improved support for large icon cache. When the icon cache contains hundreds of icons we experienced slowness when choosing an icon for a shortcut in Scense Explorer. The new browser dialog will only retrieve the icons that are actually visible which significantly speeds up the loading of the Icon Browser dialog.
  • Registry browser splitter implemented. The registry browser, which is used in several functions in Scense Explorer, now supports a movable splitter to better show the registry contents.
  • Registry browser keys and values sorted. Registry values and keys now appear sorted alphabetically instead of the order in which they were stored in the registry. The sorted presentation is more productive.
  • Action Wizard. The WriteKeyValue operation of the Registry-action now allows an empty value-field, just like in the registry action property page.
  • Start notification repositioned. The application start notification was repositioned to better fit the Windows 7 taskbar height.
  • Scense diagnostics. We updated the active directory test for Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 native domains. The previous test was showing slowness while the active directory was performing well.
  • Scense Client ‘Application Installed’ indicator updated. Because of the extensive use of application pre-installing methods the installed/not installed indicator in the Scense Client became confusing; The application was pre-installed, but Scense Client showed it as ‘not installed’. This was due to the way Scense checks whether an application is installed completely. This is done by checking the installation status for both the computer and the user. If the user-part was not installed, then the application was not installed. Now; if the computer installation was completed the Scense Client will show the application as installed.
  • Easy Delivery. Several shortcut and FTA related improvements were made to support even more applications.
  • Revoke shortcuts now supports redirection. When parts of the user profile that contain shortcuts are redirected Scense will now revoke those shortcuts if necessary.
  • Increased off-line license validity. The 1 month grace period for working offline has been stretched to 2 months.
  • Improved support for variables in package path names. The package paths in the application property pages in Scense Explorer now support the full range of variables instead of just %InstallScripts%


  • AllUserProfile variable now resolves correctly
  • Scense Update table checker (dbmaint) was fixed
  • Pre-install for a generic application fixed and no longer needs extra conditions
  • Scense Site IP-range problem fixed for low address ranges (like
  • Copied Shortcuts didn’t work properly
  • ThinApp application information in Scense Client was not displayed correctly
  • Empty folder name after applying security has been fixed
  • Revoke Shortcuts was fixed: not all shortcut folders were removed
  • File Action: MkDir operation now shows the “Browse for Folders” dialog correctly
  • Shortcuts now work properly after exporting and importing with the Package Wizard
  • Some extremely large registry values were not shown properly in the registry browser in Scense Explorer

Known Issues

  • Oracle Support. Scense 7.6 and this version of Scense Live Profiles do not support Oracle databases.
  • Support Symantec Workspace Virtualization. This version of Scense Live Profiles does not support applications virtualized with Synantec Workspace Virtualization. A workaround is available.