In order to support partners, suppliers, and customers dispersed across the globe, the workforce has become more mobile, and work happens wherever business takes place. As businesses compete in a global economy, they rely on their mobile workforce to ensure product innovation and customer satisfaction. It is therefore critical for businesses to provide their workforce with easy access to the right data, tools, and applications to do their jobs successfully—at any time and from anywhere.

Growth is impeccable

According to research firm IDC, expectations are that by 2013, more than one-third of the world’s workforce will be mobile. And by 2014, more than 130 million enterprise customers will be using mobile based applications (cloud based, remote based, on premises/off premises). No wonder more than half of all companies—fifty four percent —cite effective management of remote employees as their biggest concern in managing a mobile workforce.

Scense Workspace Management and the mobile user

Mobile users expect to have a consistent personalized workspace wherever they choose to work; ultimately they would like their devices to be aware of the place, connection and surrounding tools (these are also called the “context” of the user) and connect them to the resources available. Tasks like opening a document on a mobile device, collaborating with team members or checking a calendar needs to be a seamless extension of the tools workers already know to use. At the same time, back-end processes like security and identity management should extend from the core enterprise platform to the mobile workforce without requiring an entirely new infrastructure. As the office extends to an ever wider range of work locations, it’s important for IT administrators to enable their mobile workforce to access their corporate applications and data regardless of the place, time and device.

Dynamic Applications in a Mobile Workspace

By enabling an IT administrator to easily decouple the layers of the client environment, which are unique to the user from the computer device on which the end-user is working, they allow mobile users to be independent of the computer and place where they will be working. End-users will always have their personalized Workspace including all of their user settings and applications, optimized for their current context and personalized to every user’s unique way of working.

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