To install the Scense Client on a Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC), please consider the following installation instructions:

Installation instructions

  • Log on with your local account (administrative permissions are needed)
  • Do not use the local admininistrator account to avoid possible password conflicts
  • Run the Scense Client.msi

Only the settings regarding Scense OnDemand service configuration require extra attention:

  • Use “LOCALSYSTEM” as Account Name for the Scense OnDemand service (default)
  • Leave the Password section empty (default)
  • At Server Name fill in the name of the Scense Server (e.g. “scenseserver”)
  • At Logon Server fill in the name of the server the Scense share resides (mostly also the Scense Server)
  • At Default Domain fill in the name of the domain you want to connect with (e.g. “scense”)
Product information

The described behavior is ‘as designed’.

The information in this article applies to:

  • Scense Client 7.5
  • Scense Client 7.6