Within Scense environments, normally the Firewall at the workstations is turned off to allow proper communication between the Scense Client and the Scense Engine at the Scense Server.
However, if you prefer to turn on the Firwall at the workstations, some configurations setting are needed.

TCP port information

At the workstations the processes c:windowssystem32scense.exe and c:windowssystem32scense_client.exe communicate with the Scense Engine using port TCP 135.

Firewall settings

Apply the following processes to the Firewall Program Exception list:

  • c:windowssystem32scense.exe
  • c:windowssystem32scense_client.exe

Apply the following port to the Firewall Port Exception list:

  • TCP 135

These settings can be carried out on workstations individually, but in larger environments it is more convenient to use an appropriate Group Policy setting.

Product information

The described behavior is ‘as designed’.

The information in this article applies to:

  • Scense 5
  • Scense 6
  • Scense 7.5
  • Scense 7.6