ThinApp applications packaged with VMWare View 5.1 will not be recognized as ThinApp applications by Scense Easy Delivery.


This unwanted behaviour is caused by version 4.6 of the file ThinAppSDK.dll in the folder %Programfiles%ScenseShared Components at the workstation. This version is a stripped version and has to be replaced by the original version 4.5.


As a workaround, you can download the original ThinappSDK.dll (version 4.5) and deploy it by Scense to your Scense workstations. Registration actions regarding the dll files are not necessary.

Download information

This link is available for downloading the ThinappSDK.dll (version 4.5):
ThinAppSDK 4.5

Installation instructions

  • Log on at a workstation with Scense Explorer credentials.
  • Download and save the file ThinappSDK.dll.
  • Replace the existing file %Programfiles%ScenseShared ComponentsThinAppSDK.dll by the downloaded ThinappSDK.dll.
  • Start Easy Delivery.
  • Import your ThinApp application.
  • Create an appropriate taskset if you want to deploy this ThinappSDK.dll to all your Scense workstations.
Product information

Scense confirms this to be a problem in Scense 7.5 and Scense 7.6 , we’re working on this problem and more information will be added when it comes available.

The information in this article applies to:

  • Scense 7.5
  • Scense 7.6