To install the Scense Client on a Bring Your Own Computer (a Windows device that is not joined in the domain), please consider the following tips and settings:


  • Log on with your local account (administrative permissions are needed)
  • Do not use the local admininistrator account to avoid possible password conflicts
  • Run the Scense Client.msi

Only the settings regarding Scense OnDemand service configuration require extra attention:

  • Use “LOCALSYSTEM” as Account Name for the Scense OnDemand service (default)
  • Leave the Password section empty (default)
  • At Server Name fill in the name of the Scense Server (e.g. “scenseserver”)
  • At Logon Server fill in the name of the server the Scense share resides (mostly also the Scense Server)
  • At Default Domain fill in the name of the domain you want to connect with (e.g. “scense”)

The information in this article applies to:

  • Scense Client 7.5

  • Scense Client 7.6