Scense Migration Toolkit delivers easy migration to Windows 7

Quicker and simpler with less investments and no lock-in

Rotterdam, February 2011 – Scense, a leading provider of Workspace Management software, introduces Scense Migration Toolkit for Windows 7. The Scense software delivers a highly automated process which, depending on customer choices, results in a single, cost-effective, manageable and transparent desktop infrastructure. The migration toolkit will help companies deal with the majority of the manual tasks and associated challenges that have to be carried out when migrating to Windows 7.

“Most businesses have not yet migrated to Windows 7. It is expected though that almost all companies and enterprises will deploy it in 2011 and 2012,” says Hessel Wellema, VP Product Management of Scense.  “The decision is forced by hardware refresh cycles, new end user management functionality or compatibility issues. Besides, Microsoft will stop the support of Windows XP in 2014. Research from Gartner shows that migrating to Windows 7 is a costly process because of many manual tasks that have to be carried out. On top of this there is hardly any room for errors or productivity loss. IT therefore has to look for new ways to address all the issues.”

The Scense Migration Toolkit is part of a three-step process which is highly automated and low-cost, on both time and money. During the first step, Discover, Scense agents will analyse the content of all desktops which need to be migrated to Windows 7. Applications, network mappings, printers and shortcuts will be traced and stored as input for the next phase.

The second step is Decide. The administrator or IT manager can decide which content needs to be migrated to the new environment and how. The information traced by the agents is enriched with information such as locations of printer drivers, installer packages, application suite definitions etcetera. After the decision making process has finished, all applications, printers, network mappings and other services will be authorized and imported in the Scense database.

During the final step, Deliver, the Scense client is installed on all devices. As soon as an end user logs on to the new Windows 7 environment, a personal workspace is created which includes all IT services including applications. The end user gets a consistent experience, which ensures that productivity will remain high.

Jos Hoogers, Managing Director of ICT services partner Arteq, says about the tooling: “This is good news for many of our customers. If we use the Scense Migration Toolkit to migrate their current Windows Desktop environment to Windows 7 many manual tasks and controls are automated. And the best thing is that after the migration my customers have the choice whether or not they want to continue with Scense and implement the full-blown Management Solution. So, unlike other solutions in this market, using the Scense Migration Toolkit for a Windows migration project, does not have to lead to a vendor lock-in.”

The full Scense solution offers IT managers the level of control they need while at the same time offering end-users the flexibility and efficiency they request – they can work at any time, in any location, independent of the infrastructure. Scense is also the only company which offers the customer the choice to use the tooling only for the migration path.