Scense 7.5 complements virtual desktop environment VMware View

Rotterdam-Copenhagen, 13 October 2010 – Scense, a leading provider of User Workspace Management software, helps its partners and customers to migrate to VMware View, a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).  The next generation of software, Scense 7.5, speeds up the adoption of desktop and application virtualization. The release addresses some of the major hurdles which hamper IT managers when they face starting a VMware View or ThinApp project. Scense 7.5 automates the migration, simplifies the management of VDI environments and transforms VMware ThinApp into an enterprise solution.

“With Scense 7.5 we offer an attractive solution for the costly migration from a physical desktop environment to a virtual desktop environment,” says Koen Bouwers, CEO of Scense.  “Consumerization and virtual desktop infrastructures and applications are major trends in IT and one of the results is that IT managers have to start thinking first and foremost about the users not the equipment.

According to recent Gartner research, employees or students are increasingly using their own laptops to work on. This ‘BYOC’ (Bring Your Own Computer) trend has a number of advantages such as cost efficiency and increased productivity. However, IT managers have to deal with new challenges e.g. data loss or leakage, compliance rules and ‘dirty’ PCs.  In our view though, the question is not ‘if’ but ‘when’ are they are going to implement the necessary infrastructure. Scense 7.5 helps them to get a grip on all the issues they are confronted with now or in the near future.”

Scense recognises that there is a new generation of users that is no longer content to be dictated to. They want access to their own personal workspace, wherever they happen to be and whatever the time. Corporate and personal personalities and applications are mixed. The Scense solutions puts users in control without annoying restrictions from corporate IT management while at the same time giving IT managers the ultimate authority. Application conflict handling ensures a far more stable user environment and application delivery makes fewer demands on the IT resources.

The Scense 7.5 release deals with all requirements IT managers are facing when confronted with BYOC. IT service delivery to ‘unmanaged’ devices is ensured. Scense has a solution to prevent data leakage by ensuring that no unauthorized people or processes have access to corporate data on the network or personal device. The user context awareness like user credentials, the type of device and OS version and the location of the user, is taken care of and self-service tooling is in place. In order to block applications running on laptops that for instance have been stolen, remote application management is part of the solution. Scense 7 already dealt with migration to Windows 7 and 64 bits machines, the new software does the same for VMware View or ThinApp applications.

Future of VDI migration

Migrating physical desktop environments to virtual ones is a costly process due to large amounts of unexpected challenges and manual tasks. Scense 7.5 delivers a single, cost-effective, manageable and transparent infrastructure through a three-step process. The process is mostly automated but offers the IT manager the levels of control he needs. The first step is Discover, an automated scan of the desktop environment, user profile data and applications and possible other IT services. The second step is Decide. Decide what profile data, applications and other IT services need to be delivered and import them in the Scense database. The final step is Deliver. In this phase the Scense client is installed on all devices, the user workspaces and applications are delivered.

After a successful migration to VDI, Scense 7.5 simplifies the management of the desktop within the VDI environment by delivering a set of easy workspace management features. The most common workspace management tasks like delivering applications, creating network connections, printers and shortcuts are all available in small, easy to use, wizards. Also regular VDI challenges like localization and follow me printing are addressed.

About Scense

Scense is the Netherlands’ fastest-growing provider of user workspace management solutions. The Scense Workspace Management Suite transforms expensive, mixed and distributed desktop environments into a single, cost-effective, manageable and transparent infrastructure, by keeping the end user workspace and applications independent of the underlying Operating System. All your IT management challenges are addressed whether they relate to virtual and physical desktops/laptops, application virtualization and delivery or the virtualization of user profiles. With Scense, end users are empowered, but ultimate control remains firmly in the hands of the CIO.

For more information about Scense, please visit the company’s website at: or call: +31 10 409 0999

Scense Media Contact: Koen Bouwers (CEO)