Service Release Scense 7 available for download

As of today, the service release of Scense 7 (build 1080) is available for download. Customers using Scense 7 are encouraged to download a new ISO from the Scense website and install the updated Scense client and Scense Explorer software by using the Windows Installer packages on the CD. Customers new to Scense or using a version below version 7, will be able to use the setup functionality.

Contents service release

Based on valuable input from customers and partner, we implemented bug fixes and product improvements:

  • Scense Client support for unmanaged computers  This service release contains Scense Client functionality dedicated to  the supports of unmanaged devices. Devices managed by Scense do not have to be part of the domain anymore for Scense to function properly. This functionality can be used to manage employee owned devices.
  • DDE support for file type associations in App-V  Just like with all other application types supported by Scense, DDE support is also provided with App-V file type association.
  • Automated laptop detection by Scense Client  Laptop detection has been automated in this service release. The Scense client will know it is running on a laptop and the behavior of the workspace can be modified based on this information.
  • Modified defaults for generic application objects  To increase the efficiency of  Scense consultants, we aligned the defaults of generic application objects with the structure mostly used.
  • Performance App-V subsystem We implemented some modification in the App-V subsystem resulting in an increase in performance