During VMWorld Europe, which will be held October 12-14  in Copenhagen, Scense 7.5 will be released.

With the release of Scense 7.5, we speed up the adoption of desktop and application virtualization. Based on suggestions and feedback from our loyal customer and partner base, we developed a release that addresses some of the major hurdles that prevent IT managers from starting a VMware View or ThinApp project. Scense 7.5 will automate the migration to VMware View, will simplify the management of VDI environments and will transform VMWare ThinApp into an enterprise solution. A short description of a number of the features in Scense 7.5 is mentioned below.

Add scalability and manageability to ThinApp.

Scense 7.5 delivers ThinApp applications to end users, based on the context of the user. Context variables like the user credentials, the type of device, OS version and the location of the user will decide how the application will be delivered and how the application will behave. Because ThinApp packages are managed centrally in Scense 7.5, changes in a virtual application need to be implemented once and will instantly be available company wide. Updates and upgrades are delivered in a transparent and reliable way.

Migrate to VDI with ease

Migrating physical desktop environments to virtual desktop environments is a costly process because of the large amount of unexpected challenges and manual tasks. By using Scense 7.5, transforming your desktop environment into a single, cost-effective, manageable and transparent infrastructure is a three step process that is mostly automated but offers the levels of control you need. The same process can be used to migrate to a new OS version (Windows 7) or architecture (VDI)

Simplified Management

After a successful migration to VDI, Scense 7.5 simplifies the management of the desktops within the VDI environment by delivering a set of Easy workspace management Tools. The most common workspace management tasks like delivering applications, creating network connections, printers and shortcuts are all available in small, easy to use, wizards. Scense 7.5 also addresses regular VDI challenges like localization and follow me printing.

And more…

Beside the features mentioned above, Scense 7.5 has a long list of other product enhancements and improvements like the support of unmanaged devices. The management of, for instance, employee owned devices is not a problem with Scense.  More information about the release of Scense 7.5 will be available soon on our website, on twitter and our blog.