FTA for Dummies

FTA (File Type Association) is perhaps the most used feature: just double click the desired document and it will be opened with a suitable application, if this application has been installed on your workspace. ..

FTA will also work for the user, even if the suitable application has not been installed yet. Just let Scense carry out the installation for the user, right on time.

This can be accomplished by selecting the radio button “File Types” followed by the “Add” button:


A new window will appear to make the desired settings. For example:

FTA will even work for the user, if the desired document  is not really a document, but an object within a document. For instance a PDF document inserted as an object within Word.

Proper functioning however needs two more adjustments in the Start Application Action. These can be carried out in the Classic Presentation View only of the Scense Explorer:

–          Tick  the checkbox “Wait for process:”

–          Select the radio button “Until process termination