Looking for the alternative solution?

Look no further

The Alternative

In the workspace management arena, AppiXoft’s Scense software is sometimes regarded as being an alternative or, more frequently, ‘the’ alternative solution in workspace management. And even though we are none the worse for it, it sometimes seems to have a slightly negative ring to it. However, it is actually people with alternative (i.e. non-mainstream) thoughts who have come up with the best ideas throughout history. If it hadn’t been for people like Aristotle, Galileo or Tesla, we would probably still be trying to make fire by rubbing sticks together. They are preeminent examples of people who thought ‘outside the box’ which gives the word ‘alternative’ a much more positive meaning, doesn’t it?

Ok, I get it,

Scense is fantastic…

But what’s the deal?


It’s time for an alternative!

Many products are claimed to be an alternative to the ‘establishment’, but most of the time it’s just a part of the cake. Just application deployment, just profile management for a single operating system or leaning on one specific desktop solution (VDI, RDS). But, at the end of the day, you’ll need to manage it all. Scense is a powerful combination of workspace management, user profile management and application delivery solutions. Users are empowered to work flexible, but ultimate control remains centrally with the IT department. Working in a mixed environment, with laptops, desktops, virtual and physical, multiple operating systems, domain and non-domain, Scense will enable you to actually manage it all.

Ask yourself...

Do you currently use Ivanti (RES, AppSense), Zenworks or any other Workspace Management software?
  • Are you unsure if you’re still happy with it?
  • Isn’t the support department responding the way you were used to?
  • Are you not using the full 100% of the functionality you paid for?

If you answered YES to one or more of the above questions, you should definitely take a look at Scense.    

Here's the deal

If you own Ivanti (RES, AppSense), Zenworks or other Workspace Management product-licenses, we offer to upgrade your organization to Scense… You probably don’t want to destroy your software investment. We will therefore help you transition from your current Workspace Management solution to Appixoft Scense.
So, if you tell us what you have now, without any concession, we promise you:

  • A very interesting upgrade opportunity (see below)
  • Excellent support (English or Dutch)
  • 100% use of functionality  (The only restriction is your own creativity)
  • Lower price per user per year for more features that make a difference

Competitive Upgrade

It’s our pleasure to introduce the Scense Competitive Upgrade.

Please contact us to learn more about the conditions, here are the most important ones:

  • Companies who are using actively one of the aforementioned Workspace Management solutions, can be converted to a Scense Managed environment
  • Up to 75% discount on the suggested retail pricing
  • Free training, how to convert? (1 day)
  • Jump-start conversion of the first 10 applications for unlimited number of users / locations
  • Fully supported during the conversion and beyond (with active Maitenance & Support)

Scense Workspace Management

The Scense Competitive Upgrade is subject to conditions and approval by AppiXoft.