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Efficiency in health care… How can technology help?

What technological challenges do large, complex health care organizations face?
There are many healthcare professionals in the hospital, each with different needs. They need to access medical applications which are relevant to these specific needs.

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Are you ready for 5G in your Business?

Having access to 5G could be critical to the competitiveness and success of the world’s small businesses.
Businesses, which embrace 5G, could enjoy a myriad of benefits, including improved communication, faster task completion and could be better placed to take advantage of new technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Scense 10 – Update 1904

This post lists the release notes for the latest Scense builds. This post is regularly updated when new information comes available.

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Technology is driving changes in how we educate

Education is like few other professions, educators have always been experimenters.
Socioeconomic change and technological evolution in the field has led us to a digital crossroads. While traditional college education has never been more expensive, lifelong learning has never been so easy.

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Ireland takes AppiXoft by storm

Ireland: land of green hills and steep cliffs, U2, Oscar Wilde, pubs filled with traditional music and….AppiXoft? Please excuse us for being carried away a little, but gaining a foothold in Ireland fills us with great pride.

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On-demand application delivery with Scense Service Point

Netflix, Spotify, AirBnb, Hello Fresh and Uber. There is a fair chance that you are a regular user of at least one of these on-demand services. And you have every reason to be. Not for the first time, however, the business arena has trouble keeping up with the consumer market.

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Come visit AppiXoft at the AppManagEvent 2017

AppManagEvent is the industry platform for IT Professionals and application managers to receive the latest updates and information on application management, packaging, application deployment, desktop management, mobile device management, privilege management and application virtualization.

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Is everybody appy?

How can I stop apps installing on all my devices? We couldn’t stop ourselves from laughing when we came across this question on an online forum. After all, in our line of business it is usually the other way around.

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Fast logon times, a great way to start the day

Lengthy logon times are a nasty way to start the day. So why still put up with them? By dividing tasks into more than just the logon event and by splitting user profiles, logon times are reduced to a minimum.

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