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Benefits for IT administrators

Decrease your workload and become more proactive

IT administrators love working with our solutions. After a short training, you also will be able to address desktop challenges you were unable to address before. How you spend the time saved on boring daily desktop management tasks, is all up to you.

      • Centralized management will provide you real time information about workspaces and the ability to implement changes and solutions pro-actively, in real time and without the need of a physical visit.
      • Wizard oriented interfaces remove all complexity in your daily tasks. You can easily delegate certain tasks to other parts of the organization. Scripting and packaging is a thing of the past.
      • Simple and rapid distribution of applications and updates – Applications and updates, whether virtual or not, are instantly available to users. The preparation time for the deployment of an application, patch or update is reduced to zero, the roll out is automatically guaranteed.
      • Proactive desktop and application management – By using Scense Session Control, you will have real-time control over the entire user session addressing IT issues proactively or, in the case of an emergency, in real time. This increases user satisfaction and productivity and dramatically reduces the number of service desk calls
      • No more image management. One image for each OS is all you need. The Scense client software will automatically create a fully functional workspace with all applicable applications and settings.
      • Self-service tooling – Today, you probably spend too much time in keeping the IT environment up and running. The Scense administrator tasks are converted into standard modules that can be delegated to any given employee to provide self-service support.
      • No more crashing applications and desktops. Scense Adaptive Installer will make sure that workspaces and applications remain stable.