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Scense 10 update (10.0.3520)

May 16, 2017

Today we released an update to Scense 10.

You should consider installing this update in the following scenarios:
– When you’re conducting a new Scense implementation
– When you’re experiencing problems with one (or more) of the issues fixed in this update.

Scense 10.0.3520

  • Scense Client – Scripting Action enhancement
  • Scense Client – Improved high dpi support
  • Scense Client – File Date criterion now checks modification date instead of creation date
  • Scense Client – Improved Local cache management
  • Live Profiles – Improved processing at logoff

For your convenience we included the release notes for the previous service releases.

Scense 10.0.3511

  • Scense Client – Faster algorithm for receiving nested groups
  • Scense Client – Improved support for multi domain sites
  • Scense Client – Improved printer support in Scense Client
  • Scense Client – Improved Local cache management
  • Live Profiles – Prevent (re)basing at logoff
  • Support for:
    • Windows Server 2016
    • SQL Server 2016
    • IIS 10.0

Scense 10.0.3500

  • Scense Monitor : New: Require Scense Application Managementfor applications
  • Scense Monitor : Improved monitoring driver
  • Scense Explorer: Fixed: Problem with Printer Property Page
  • Scense Engine : Fixed: Removed expensive sql query
  • Scense Client: Fixed: PowerShell host window showed up in Alt+Tab list on Windows 10 1607
  • Live Profiles: New: Ability to tweak timings for favoring desktop availability

Scense 10.0.3451

  • Scense Explorer: Fixed Incremental search in Folder View
  • Scense Explorer: Fixed problem with removing App-V 4 applications
  • Scense Client: Improved handling of credentials for unmanaged mode
  • Scense Client: Improved Registry action operations 64-bit support
  • Scense Client: Improved ELC-DB Compacting
  • Scense Client: Strict Offline Mode
  • Live Profiles: Profile store relocation tool
  • Live Profiles: Fixed Software Metering dependency
  • Live Profiles: Improved handling of shortcuts

Scense 10.0.3440

  • Scense Explorer & Client: Global Publishing of App-V 5 applications
  • Scense Explorer: Improved ribbon and window resizing
  • Scense Explorer: TaskSet action now supports Printer TaskSets
  • Scense Explorer: Enhanced shortcut allows browsing for EXE-files
  • Scense Explorer: Executive log window now remembers size and position
  • Scense Explorer: Search now also covers the administrative notes
  • Scense Explorer: Fixed several minor issues
  • Scense Client: Support AllUserProfile shortcuts in autostart feature
  • Scense Client: Fixed problem with offline operations
  • Scense Client: Fixed problem with basic printer connect
  • Scense Client: Fixed problem with document action ‘Set Default’ operation
  • Scense Update Manager: Fixed crash during domain discovery
  • Scense Easy Delivery: Fixed problem with licensed features
  • Scense Engine: Fixed problem with product version in master license
  • Live Profiles: Process settings are not written back to the Profile Store when they were not applied on process start  (This update is also available for Scense 8.2)

Scense 10.0.3420

  • Scense Explorer: Fixed ACL’s nested group support
  • Scense Explorer: Fixed Proper removal of process to application mappings
  • Scense Explorer: Fixed incomplete context menu after updating an object’s properties
  • Scense Explorer: Fixed problem with user view
  • Scense Explorer: Fixed problem with showing Script Prognosis
  • Scense Explorer: Fixed Administrative note will display all lines instead of just one
  • Scense Setup   : Fixed database grants for Windows Integrated Security
  • Scense Client  : Fixed problem with propagating environment variables
  • Scense Client  : Fixed problem with user logging in unmanaged mode
  • Scense Client  : New App-V Application Variables:
    • ApplicationAppVClientVersion – Client Version of the attached App-V Package
    • ApplicationAppVPackageId – Package ID of the attached App-V Package
    • ApplicationAppVPackageFile – Package File Name of the attached App-V Package
    • ApplicationAppVPackageVersion – Package Version of the attached App-V 5 Package
    • ApplicationAppVVersionGUID – Package Version GUID of the attached App-V 5 Package
    • ApplicationAppVRuntimeMode – Runtime Mode of the attached App-V 5 Package

Scense 10.0.3410

  • Scense Client  : Corrections to the implementation of forced cache refresh for scripts
  • Scense Client  : Caption and information corrections in Scense client
  • Scense Client  : Criteria debug window now also shows untested scopes
  • Scense Client  : Fixed problem with wrongfully skipped scopes when identical criteria were already evaluated in other scopes
  • Scense Engine  : Scense engine service now correctly registers computer names including hyphens (fixed regex)
  • Scense Client  : In some situations the computer group memberships were incorrectly passed to the scope checker
  • Scense Explorer: Scense Explorer shouldn’t register the license when running against an incorrect DB version