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If you can relate to one or more of the customer remarks below, you will probably be interested in the things Scense can do for you.

Scroll down and see 10 reasons why Scense 10 can make you more productive.

We're moving to Windows 10, but how can we make sure all applications and settings will work?
This new VDI system looks nice, but I don't want to manage multiple golden tempates
Our students bring their own computers, but how do I provide them with the right software?

It's all about User Experience

IT users with different tasks and skill sets have different needs. For an IT administrator it has become increasingly difficult to satisfy these needs without compromise.

Every feature in Scense 10 is designed with the IT user in mind.


Fast logon times

Scense works in very efficient- and smart ways to make sure the user can get to work as fast as possible.

Simple and reliable application delivery

Application delivery is user based with Scense. The applications are assigned to the user rather than the computer. This means that applications will be available to the user on any computer he signs in to.

Always the right settings

Scense Live Profiles will keep the user's settings available and deliver them just-in-time on any computer the user starts working.

Always the right printers

The location awareness of Scense will make sure the user will be able to print to the nearest printer on his current location. The printers will be automatically connected based on the user's role and location.

Work on any device

Scense enables IT users to be productive on virtually any device, including mobile devices.

Full control for the IT administrator

As an IT administrator you want to give the users as much freedom as possible.

Scense's centralized management lets the IT administrator stay fully in control.


Excellent VDI support features

Scense brings powerful features to your VDI environment like; Golden Image support, pool-awareness, localization for access devices etc.

Insight in application usage

The built-in reporting features of Scense will enable you to track application usage and help you keep your license compliancy up to par.

Application virtualization integration

The cutting edge out-of-the-box App-V, ThinApp and SWV integrations make it extremely simple to deploy virtualized applications and their dependencies. Other application virtualization systems, like Application Jukebox, can be easily embraced through configuration.

Managing all devices at once

The entire mix of desktops, laptops, VDI workstations and terminal servers are managed from a single management console in a uniform way.

Bring you own Device

Scense has a unique fine-tuned way of servicing the personal devices your employees or students bring in from home.

Increase productivity - Lower costs

Scense will bring a number of benefits on different levels:

●  Productivity and freedom for IT users

●  Full control, insight and powerful tools for the IT administrator

●  A firm grip on IT cost and quality for IT managers


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